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Relation with Rama and Buddha (and Mahavir Jain)

Origin of Malla, Shakya, Maurya, Koliya clan

Relation of Sainthwar with Malla, Shakya, Maurya, Koliya and Lichchhavi Kshatriyas

Shakya, Koliya, Malla kshatriya and their inclination towards agriculture

Functioning of Santhagara - the democratic ruler of northern India

Status of Brahmins in Gana

Santhagara kshatriya and Mahaparinirvana of Buddha

Decline of Maurya dynasty and classification into Shudra

Classification of Malla and Lichchhavi kshatriya to Vratya kshatriya

Decline of Santhagara and evolution of Santhawar Sangha kshatriya (Sainthwar)


Evolution of Brahminism (or Hinduism)

Decline of Buddhism

Merger of Buddhist establishments like Gorakhnath peeth into new Hindu fold.

Decline of Buddhist Brahmin to Bhumihar and Buddhist kshatriyas to Sainthwar (and Maurya to Shudra)

Hate relationship of Brahmins with Bhumihar and Sainthwar

Forgetting of Buddha, Ashoka, Bhumihar, Sainthwar by society and by themselves


Aligning of western rajputs with Sainthwar kshatriya of eastern Uttarpradesh

Discovery of Buddhist places, Ashoka and its impact on Indian history by Britishers.

Role of Majhauli in defaming Sainthwar as Kurmi in 1881 census of India due to their agriculture inclination.

Discovery of Buddhist Brahmins - Bhumihar and Buddhist Kshatriya - Sainthwar by Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan, Dr. Rajbali Pandey and other local historians.

Misinterpretation and misunderstanding about Sainthwar by other historians.

Declaration of Sainthwar as Kshatriya in 1919-1942 period by Gorakhpur collector.


Role of CPN Singh, the Gaharwar Raja of Padrauna - geeting ministry in center in minority quota by declaring himself as Kurmi in 1980s.

Start of dirty Politics by other sainthwar leaders and their role in declaring Sainthwar as "Sub-caste of Kurmi" on the basis of 1881 census.

Role of Akhil Bhartiya Kshatriya Mahasabha in opposing the categorization of Sainthwar as Kurmi and their failure in doing that.

Launch of the community website


Villages of ancient Sainthwar kshatriya and western rajputs in detail.